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    This is Alden Tan and I am the writer of this blog. I don't want you to bore you with a long ass intro that tries too hard to be a TED Talk, so here you go:


    . This blog actually existed more than a decade ago. It was my first venture as an entrepreneur as I learnt internet marketing myself. It was also my foray into being a professional writer on my own terms.


    . You could say I pretty much fucked it all up. I always call the first attempt an ultimate failure (despite all my lessons and success) as I eventually went totally broke and went back to work by getting employed.


    . After living through the chaos that was Covid and everything, I am back here again. I do want to be an entrepreneur and writer.


    . I am passionate about mental health, self-improvement, creativity and funny shit that's entertaining. But I do not want to be a niche. Hence, this blog is about life itself. All writing is by me as I share my stories and musings.


    . One Dude Listening is my fashion arm. I call it a personal fashion brand centered around mental health for dudes. Check it out for some cool T-Shirts!


    . I am here to build a personal brand where I eat, live and breathe as a creative. Stay and I hope you enjoy yourself!