How To Craft A Real Takeaway So Your Reader Will Be Super Amazed By Your Writing

You want your reader to think, "Wow! I am gonna try this shit out RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" right after leaving the computer or keeping their smartphones.

You want your takeaway to be:

. Instant.

. Easy.

. Clearly instructed so your reader knows what to do, like now.

. Clearly communicated such that your reader can anticipate clear benefits and results.

Why do you think scummy, online courses with dubious "mentors" like to advertise shit like, "Follow my easy step-by-step template on how to make $100,000 in just 1 month!"

It's scummy, but it's clear and it makes potential buyers feel like they can start taking action and make a difference in their lives quickly.

If your takeaway is some cliched shit like:

. Fake it till you make it!

. Don't give up!

. Be consistent!

. Be yourself!

Then it's certain that your reader would react like, "Err... yeah... okay... thanks?"

Because it's the same, boring shit everyone talks about.

Wow the fuck out of them with clear takeaways. It is after all, a takeaway. Make them remember it for the rest of their day.

Hope you take this shit with you in your writing journey. The more practice, the better you will get. And then one day, your takeaways will be awesome, abstract shit so filled with art and subtlety that it will make your readers feel something deep within.