If I Became Rich, I'd Lose Myself And Also People I Love

Amidst the hustle and bustle in the race for earning a shit ton of money just so you can be supposedly happy, it's always easy to look back and think what you'd have done differently.

You'd have worked harder.

You'd have hung out with better people.

You'd have gone to this and that event.

You'd have been more consistent to build a following on social media.

You'd have bought a bunch of Bitcoins early.

Stuff like that.

With hindsight, these would guaranteed riches. Period.

It's then easy to fantasize about said riches. All your problems would be solved today as you start buying tons of cool shit.

This is the typical rabbit hole when you go down this fantasy.

But have you stopped to think that you'll absolutely, without a doubt, lose yourself and your loved ones if you managed to become rich halfway in the path you're meant to take?

With that said, have you thought about how, under the adage, "Everything happens for a reason", that what you have in front of you today are your reasons?

Looking back at my own life, if I struck the lottery halfway, I would:

. Have not adopted my dog.

. Have not met the amazing colleagues who are my friends today.

. Have not gained the confidence and maturity to become the person that doesn't need money to be happy.

. Have not learnt that I do not automatically need to respect rich people.

I don't think it's a debate at all.

If you injected money halfway in your path in life, you'd lose yourself and loved ones.

These should be reasons enough, for now, to why you're still working hard.