Just Some Thoughts On Regretting Your Marriage

A dude I met last week said to me succintly, "I love my wife, but if I could turn back time, I'd stay single."

It blew my mind how specific and serious he sounded. His baby was also on the way.

Maybe I caught him at a bad time.

Maybe I caught all my friends at a bad time when they're consistently and half-jokingly telling me, "Do not get married. Staying single is better.'

Marriage isn't easy, as anyone can easily surmise. Hard work is needed. There are times it feels shitty and yeah, regretful.

But to send out the powerful message that is being single is better says a lot about yourself and your marriage.

It literally means you wish that your spouse or kid cease to exist.

I think in life, we deal with the consequences of the choices we make. We must make peace with our choices. And with pure honesty, we move forward and make a change.

If you regret your marriage, then just say you're regretted. To even attempt to wax philosophical and talk about turning back time and shit just makes you look dumb.