The Audacity To Even Ask

There have been a few occasions in my life where I felt absolutely bewildered and disgusted due to a few questions people asked me.

One included a friend asking me, if his friend whom I did not know at all if he could sleep in my hotel room that night as he did not book a room.

I thought, "Why the fuck would you go on holiday knowing full well you can't afford a room? And I don't even know this dude!"

Another was a friend who texted me to leave the premises (a lonesome coffee shop) as she abhorred a friend of mine who was about to arrive then.

Oh she was polite about it. She even apologized.

But I was thinking, "Wow... You do know I got here first right? Like in this totally public space?"

It is the audacity to even ask that gets to me.

Yes, there are indeed stupid questions in life. One ought to think before opening one's mouth. The people who say that there are no stupid questions are just douchey speakers on stage who are trying to stir activity in the room.

If you are unsure, don't ask.

Avoid the risk altogether in looking stupid and entitled.