The Best Thing You Can Do In Networking And Connecting With People

I remember being linked up with someone who shared a few strong commanalities with me.

Mental health? Checked. This shit is so important in life right?

FNB industry? Checked. Always good to know anyone with a good deal within.

Young and ambitious? Checked.

Yet, his first couple of replies were totally shitty and short.

I could have read into it.

I could have not read into it.

I could have not taken it personally and conjure stories of him and his life.

I could have... whatever. I could and could not have done a lot of things.

But ultimately, with all my experiences and lessons in life, my gut said this was an absolute no-go.

I knew nothing would come out of it.

I hence did not bother to follow up any further.

The best thing you can do in networking and connecting with people is to simply keep it short and sweet as you sincerely reach out to anyone. Hell, just say what you think is right and what's on your mind even though there's no real agenda yet.

Then make it a numbers game.