A Bunch Of Sick Ass Tweets I Made This Week #1

On starting small with your fitness goals:

If you want to lose weight tomorrow:
By all means, eat the MacDonald's. Less fries this time and change your fizzy drink to water.

Go for a walk first, not run.

The momentum will bring you forward.

Don't kill yourself by turning vegan or starting an insane workout routine.


On filming people in public:

If you're proud of filming people in public, you're an absolute fucking loser.


On money caring about who you are:

Money doesn't give a fuck if you're good or evil.
Can the dealer at the casino do a thing if the nice, lonely grandma lost it all at blackjack while the notorious mafia dude had a good day winning mad tons?

Nope. Life goes on.

Work hard and find the glitch that works for you.


On being humble and complimenting others:

Someone told me to be humble once and said I should compliment others.
I said they’re all better at being losers.


On entitled-as-fuck ex-girlfriends:

"You're my boyfriend. Therefore if I get drunk, it's simply your job to take care of me."
- my ex-girlfriend when I told her I wasn't happy about the way she drinks.

Entitlement level: 100
Respect for herself: 0.

If you've a partner who behaves like that, run away.