Casually Saying You're Depressed All The Time Is Good

I love this by Pete Davidson.b 

The way he casually says that he's always depressed "all the time."

And then he slowly works his way out of it.

I think a radical form of acceptance and admittance is key to improving your life.

You give absolutely no resistance. Resistance is what fucks you up.

Then you work from there slowly.

Perhaps it's from this form of casual expression where you realize it isn't as bad as you think it is. It's definitely not the end of the world as how people on social media like to put it.

I mean, things can certainly feel bad, but to consistently resist it because you're being told to do things others say so and not follow your own beliefs is in my opinion, not a good start at all.

That's when things go awry.

Thus, the credo follows: Guide your own life by setting the stage your way. Don't let others or social media tell you what's truly good or bad for you.