My Eyes Were His Eyes

A couple of years ago, I received news on social media that one of my friends passed.

I did not have the details of how he passed, but I would not have been surprised if he took his own life.

We were not very close, but we had a unique bond I guess. I felt he was an extremely nice and humble dude who bothered to get out of his way to help others.

My fondest memory of him was when we had a drink together.

I remembered his eyes.

There was just something about his eyes back then.

Not only would they dart away every now and then, the eyes just looked empty. (This may be a trope, but google it. There is research on this.)

And he would talk about wanting to leave the country, stay somewhere else and go for retreats and stuff.

I am sad that I did not get to create more memories with him.

Watching his eyes back then simply remind me of two things today:

. I wish I did more.

. Those eyes are also my eyes.