Depression Is Liberating

About a year ago, when I started experiencing what I identified as depression, I felt liberated.

Because I didn't want to give a fuck anymore.

And I knew that I get to not give any fucks anymore.

Get it?

Thus, I proceeded to drink beer everyday for a good few months after that.

I didn't think about work, my career, my future, what others thought about me or even the money in my bank account.

I just didn't give a fuck.

Everyday, after waking up, I'd literally think, "Okay yay, I don't have to give a fuck about anything. I get to drink. Simple enough."

On an objective level, it truly was a carefree life.

But yeah, it was a deep, dark hole which would only get deeper if you choose to stay. (It's my personal, humble opinion that it's your choice to make your life better hence alleviating depression. I do acknowledge that some treat it as a disease that robs them of any choice to make.)

Just some food for thought on the topic of depression.