I've Always Been That Pale Little Bitch At Work

I've had pale skin my entire life.

I am 172cm (5 ft 6), so not super tall or anything.

I am of medium build, but people would just say I am skinny.

My mother tongue, mandarin is absolutely shit despite being Singaporean Chinese. I also never mastered any one of my dialects.

I graduated from a prestigious university here too.

As such, when I went to work, I was that pale little bitch who looks like a pretty boy from a Kpop group.

I was judged as scrawny.



Totally indifferent to my native roots (because fuck you for always speaking English only right?)

Hell, I was once told in the face that I was a weakling because I've never gotten into a fight before, which is true (but fuck you for not joining a gang and earning your street cred right?)

And yeah, people thought I wasn't capable (because fuck you for finishing university you pencil-pushing little shit.)

Over time, all of that changed easily:

. A customer at the club I worked at started giving me more attention when he followed me on Instagram. I had my workout videos and Bboy clips on there.

. I always did my work well. I showed initiative and willingly admitted it when I fuck up. I got along with any superiors easily.

. I learnt to network and connect. When people see that I know important people, suddenly I am also important.

. I am just a nice guy. I respect everyone and I gave second chances.

Let them judge. Let them belittle you.

Your work and character will shine through. Just work hard and be nice. It will get better.

refer below for image of pale bitch

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