No Matter How Busy You Think You Are, There Is A CEO Out There Who's Busier, But Replies On Time Cause He Gives A Fuck

I find it rather sad that it has become an acceptable status quo for friends to reply either in a horribly untimely manner or not at all.

Literally, it always instantly enters my mind as I categorize my friends accordingly when I pick up my phone:

"This one will reply in a few days."

"This one will probably not reply at all."

"This one, without a doubt will reply almost instantly."

"I have no idea why this one is even texting me, probably only wants help with something again then poof, he's gone."

The nuances of what makes a meaningful friendship aside, I personally feel that these different categories are so real that it pretty much reflects how strong the relationship is. You can't deny that the reliability and trust factors are there.

I wouldn't ever impose on a friend and their way of texting back, but truly, the headline here is for your own food for thought.

"No matter how busy you think you are, there is a CEO out there who's busier, but replies on time cause he's gives a fuck."

If you take offence from this and see a need to justify your business, well, take your pick from above.

Which category do you belong to?