I Cannot And Will Not Accept A Reality Where My Father Is Still Around

When friends come up with one of those hypothetical questions like, "If you could go back in time, what would you change?"

I'd have to give a totally non-public relations answer if I was a beauty contestant on stage.

First, I'd ask back, "To which year though? Because anything before June 2006 does not exist anymore."

And when you ask why.

I'd reply, "Because that was when my dad died."

By then, the novelty of the question would have died. The tension has risen. Nobody expected things to take such a serious turn.

But that's the honest truth.

This question, in any form will never apply to me again. It's something I do take seriously.

You see, to think of a reality where my father exists again is simply out of the question. There is no hope or even a second for suspension of belief.

There is certainly no multiverse here either.

My family and I took time to grieve. It was hard at first, but life goes on, and hence, we moved on. To revisit a time where we think we can do things better, ask more questions or just wanting to see a passed loved one again for a little while is just entirely unthinkable.

Because by then, you'd have many things to be grateful for today, things that are in front of you.

You accept that on a cosmic and unpredictable scale, that's how life and death work for humans living on Earth.

You'd want to continue living as the person you've been shaped to be today.

And that in my opinion, is how you'd see things too when you've moved on.

I hope whatever it is you're going through today, you find the strength to eventually move on.