Life Is Short... Drink More

You know how you always hear stories of some dude who never smoked, doesn't drink, eats clean and runs marathons but yet, he just dropped dead one day for seemingly no reason at a young age?

And then you hear stories of how some person eats shit, drinks alcohol like a fish, doesn't work out at all and yet, proceeds to live a long and healthy life? Hell, this person even looks good.

People and certainly the internet would be quick to go into a furore of how one should live in extremes then.

"You MUST live a healthy life. Otherwise, don't expect to live long."

"To hell with that! YOLO! Look at how the hedonistic ones are living happily!"

What do you choose, really?

I say, life truly is short...

... drink more then.


... get yourself checked by the doctor.

Exercise every now and then.

Eat some healthy, non-processed, non-fried food every now and then.

Drink lots of water and drink a little less alcohol every now and then.

They're simply tiny, sensible decisions every now and then to battle life's mysteries.

And that's the best we can do.