When The Educated, Woke Kid Looked Dumb As Fuck

Some time back, I was queuing up at a government-subsidized clinic here, so it was one of those big ass clinics where many elderly folks go to.

One elderly man, with a walking cane and all cut our queue. He just waltzed in in front of a young guy.

The young guy was pissed.

He exclaimed loudly, "Excuse me, there is a line."

The elderly man turned around, didn't say a word and ignored him. I highly doubt he could speak a word of English anyway.

The young guy was livid. He continued, "You can't just cut OUR queue like that!"

Eventually, when we got to the end of the line, the young guy told the staff, "Hi, that man over there cut our queue." He was pointing with his finger and everything.

And then, life went on. The staff didn't give a fuck either.

I was thinking, "Dude... you're fighting a losing battle here.

There is absolutely no way in hell, an elderly man, who obviously only speaks our mother tongue or various dialects here, will even care about you."

And honestly, I didn't even see it as an issue of respect.

It was more so about the gap in communication and cultures.

The young guy spoke perfect English. He sounded educated. He looked woke.

All of these qualities are objectively good, but to present yourself this way?

Dude... you looked stupid. Like, really, really stupid.

Thus the lessons:

. Pick your battles.

. Present yourself well for no amount of good qualities and certification would matter if you look stupid and entitled as fuck.

. Just fucking let shit go and stop whining about your offended little feelings. For fuck's sake, it was an old man. Let him be.