The People Who Help Are The Ones Who Shut The Fuck Up

A couple of years ago, I had a meeting with a friend who wanted to rope me in to help write content for his startup thingy.

When he asked for my rates, I just threw him a random ass number I felt was reasonable for me.

He grimaced.

He said, "We're gonna have a problem with that bro."

I asked why.

He said, "That's too low! I believe in rewarding hard work and talent!"

I was like, ah nice, thanks bro!

Right there and then, I knew fuck all would come from this meeting.

And sure enough, I never saw or heard from him again after that lunch.

From what I learnt in life, truly, the people who help you in life shut their mouths.

They simply help.

That thing you want? They got it for you without asking for details or anything back in return.

The task you need done? Done. Here are the results.

You need more help? They're already on it. Initiative is used without a word.

The people who say they're going to help you will tell you all sorts of shit.

Promises of discounts, bonuses and amazing results.

Consistently talking about how they helped others before.

Broadcasting to the world they really love helping others and are never in it for the money.

Putting themselves on an entrepreneurial pedestal where they tell others they're going to destroy the status quo and reward all the little guys.

When somebody keeps talking about wanting to help you, don't expect any help at all.