I Still Don't Understand Why Adults Do This Immature Thing To Friends

Friend: Alden, let me share with you something.

Me: Okay.

--- Some time later---

Friend: I heard from XXX that he knows about what I shared! Why did you tell them?!

Me: ... What the fuck?

1) You did not say it was sensitive info or a secret that should not be shared.

2) I am very certain you shared this shit with more than a few friends.

3) You did not verify who said what to whom and you're taking it out on a friend now. Good job.

4) If you don't want your shit to get out, shut the fuck up, stay home, throw away your phone and just be a hermit for the rest of your life.

5) Get over yourself because nobody really cares about your shit. Who the fuck do you actually think you are? You are not that special.

Really now. In this day and age where information is passed around quickly, either stay quiet or be loud. Or just use some common sense and put your trust in clear terms when you communicate with a friend.