The Convenient Arrogance Of Religion

I don't normally write about touchy topics like religion for fear of pissing people off, but here we go.

About a decade ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Before the diagnosis came, the symptoms hit me hard out of nowhere.

I lost like seven kilograms for no reason within a month.

My muscles were weak.

I had breathing difficulties.

My heart rate shot up, even when I was trying to sleep in bed.

My hands were trembling non-stop.

It was the first time in my life where I knew something was terribly wrong with my health. It was the first time I was ill knowing it wasn't a common cold where a single a visit to the doctor would help.

And that scared the shit out of me.

Thankfully, the meds I was given worked. All symptoms were instantly alleviated and over time, the disease went away.

I remember texting my mom about the news of the diagnosis and that it was treatable.

She replied, "Thank God."

That... was mildly infuriating.

I had to go through the ordeal myself. For certain, nobody took on the mentor role who could see that something was wrong.

Nobody said to me, "Dude, you need to get your blood tested. This is not normal. I don't care what you have going on, I am taking you to the clinic."

The change on my body was extremely apparent. People could tell I was losing too much weight.

I did everything myself.

And yet, some people would rather thank an invisible entity out there in outer space. The arrogance and audacity!

Here are some thoughts in point form:

1) Please be grateful for the humans

The people who deserve gratitude in my episode were the doctors, nurses and receptionists at the clinic. Period.

Please. Just thank the humans who are actually labouring.

No, please do not argue that your god put them there for me. Acknowledge the humans or even get to know their faces.

2) Your religion may be your world, but that doesn't mean it matches the version the rest of us have

Everyone has their own lenses on how they view and perceive the world.

Your religion does not give you the right to supersede others' lifestyles or way of thinking.

You have zero right to tell us how to think and what to say. To do so is simply arrogant in most context or setting.

3) Surprise! However loving or positive you think you are, you can still piss people off

Case in point, my health scare.

It was a harrowing month. Yes, it took that long before I did something about it.

I was alone. I was also broke as fuck then.

I was indeed scared, thinking it was cancer or some shit.

Nobody brought me to the clinic too.

Nobody gave me a high five or thanked me for my effort (not that I gave a fuck. I just wanted to be healthy again.)

But yet, some god got all the accolades.

Again, the view of the world your religion gave you does not match with others outside of your religion. So be mindful of what you say because they can actually hurt.

4) There're so many religions out there that it's just a fucking buffet

I do not wish to go down this rabbit hole.

A superior at work I once had told me, "Religion is just a buffet. Take your pick. Eat silently and don't disturb anyone else."

You really aren't so special just because of your faith.

But you do you.

Just don't try to do others and make them you. There's such a thing as we can all still get along with each other.