How To Talk Like You’re An Expert On LinkedIn Even Though You Don’t Know Shit

Just talk about:

1) Content and why the idea of content is important. Make sure you don’t produce anything original. Just Google and rip someone off. 

2) Branding. You must make sure you don’t have your own original brand. 

3) How important being authentic is. Trust me, people here get wet when the topic of authenticity comes about. 

4) Just outright claim you make 5-6 figures a month. No proof or evidence needed. 

5) When you provide a solution, you must absolutely make sure it’s one-size-fits-all. If readers don’t disgree, they deserve to die. 

6) Boast about some failure that probably has nothing to do with anything here and how much you learnt from it. People here get a hard-on from failures. 

7) Just create some picture of you giving a talk or seminar. Just talk to your little nieces and nephews. That’s fine too. Nobody knows what the fuck you said anyway. 

8) Shit man, remember to talk about scaling even though the only thing you ever scaled is your toilet. 

9) Say you humbly disagree with another brand or business so you can make it all about you, you attention-seeking whore you.

10) DO NOT forget to share what Podcasts you listen to. You didn’t know? Listening to Podcasts today makes you a better human than the rest of the plebeians out there. 

11) Mental health. Like out of nowhere.