You Should Be Nice To Everyone, But That Doesn't Mean You Need To Help Them All The Time

I was lamenting to the director of a nightclub I promote for here about how demoralizing it felt when trying to attain new customers.

I had to be nice to people, friends and family alike, because one would never know if they would eventually bring business. I'd constantly give them what they want (free entry and free drinks.)

For most, it became obvious they were starting to take me for granted while not giving me any kind of business. I was basically working for free.

My director then just said, "You should be nice to everyone, but that doesn't mean you need to help them all the time."

So simple, like an ultimate 'duh' moment, yet so profound.

You can be nice, but you can refuse to help at the same time.

Say no.

Set boundaries.

Stand your ground.

Make them know their place.

Being nice doesn't mean being anyone's personal butler.