The "I Lost My Phone" Theory

Picture this: You lose your phone on a Friday. Fuck! You can't communicate with any of your friends or family.

For whatever reason, you only managed to buy a new one on Monday. You got everything synced up only after dinner.

For about three whole days, you could not reply to any messages, answer emails (because somehow, you also don't have a computer) or receive any calls.

You read the texts you miss. 

Your friends sent:

"Hey man, I really could use some help."
"Are you there?"
"Nvm dude. I got it sorted."

Your boss sent you:

"Hey, I need you to do up the presentation for me. I know it's the weekend, but it's urgent."
"Are you there? I said this is urgent. Please check your email."
"Nvm. I got someone else to do it. See you on Monday."

Your mom sent you:

"Son, are you coming over with the kids tomorrow?"
"Are you okay?!?! Son!!"
"Reply me ASAP! This is not funny!"
"Nvm. My daughter-in-law was more reliable and decided to reply me instead 🙄 ."

And the multiple number of missed calls? Eh... fuck that. Most of them are unknown numbers anyway.

You cringe a little, like, yikes... shit, I feel kind of bad for not being able to reply on time...

But deep down... you are relieved as hell.

You think, "Whew! What a great weekend! I had so much time for myself!"

You tell everyone that you lost your phone. They begrudgingly accept the reason even though they aren't the most pleased. 

You don't exactly feel guilty because hey, it wasn't your fault you lost your phone. You're usually more careful than that. They can't fault you either because they had to empathize on some level. Shit happens.

In the land of friendships and relationships, you committed no crime.

And life goes on.

You absolutely do not need to purposefully lose your phone to:

. Say no to people.
. Ignore your friends and family as you prioritize your own time first.
. Not do work when you're off the clock.
. Not feel bad and take responsibility for others' frustrations, insecurities and paranoia. 
. Realize that everyday isn't an apocalyptic doomsday, so you don't need to standby for emergencies all the time.
. Discover that many things in life can sort itself out and that you do not need to be in full control.
. Not feel bad about who you are as a person and the things you like to do.