How The Fuck Do You Love Yourself?

In the world of self-improvement, people like to advocate, "Love yourself."

But how the fuck do you do that?

Do you go all out and indulge in hustling so you can acheive all your goals and dreams?

Do you work out and lose weight?

Do you eat pizza and drink beer in the date because life is too short and so you should just enjoy life?

Do you read books and train your mind?

Do you stand up for yourself and walk away from toxic people?

Do you travel?

Do you masturbate and fantasize about yourself?

Or do you just keep taking selfies so you can admire your face?

If you ask me, people are just vomitting the love-yourself line because they read or heard about it somewhere on social media and think it's cool to do so.

It's ironic because social media will replace that line with something else soon enough.

If you want to love yourself, I think you should:

. Do seriously uncomfortable things because not doing so means zero growth.

. Get into shape because you want to love what you want to see in the mirror everyday.

. Clean your damn room because you can't love yourself if there's shit everywhere.

. Enjoy a cheat day willingly every now and then while you ignore the haters because indeed, life is too short.

. Walk away from cultures and settings where the status quo accepts bullying e.g. Your boss gets to constantly throw snide remarks at you because it's "corporate culture."

. Listen to yourself and ultimately trust your gut because you know best.