The Beauty Of The Matrix And Its Sheeple

In the world of self-improvement, gurus would be quick to say employees who work nine to five their whole life are sheeple caught in the matrix.

They live by working till death.

Hence, one should break free from the matrix, start their own business, travel the world and be free!

I have been there. I was that annoying wannabe who said waking up early in the morning and going through rush hour traffic just to get to work is the life of the matrix. The sheeple are destined for a life of boredom and unfulfillment.

Then I went thoroughly broke from my first venture.

I was so unhappy, stressed and isolated.

I eventually went back to work.

I signed the contract to re-enter the matrix.

I was so happy. A stable income eliminated my stress. I got along really well with my colleagues. My superiors liked me. The girls at work had crushes on me. I started to date someone too and it was our playful little secret. People kind of new and that just boosted our ego of course.

Some people are actually happy in the matrix. They are contented living a simple life of work, friends and family.

I think the beauty of the matrix and its people come in the little things we don't see:

. The starting of a family.

. Working so you can see your kids be happy everyday.

. Chilling out with great colleagues who support one another.

. Great bosses who actually want to see you grow.

. Actual progress at work that allows you to grow and go to places.

. A great once-a-year vacation (because not everyone likes to travel so often and be away from home for too long.)

. Being totally grounded with like-minded folks of the same culture.

. Your elders and ancestors who were in the matrix and worked hard to actually let you live the life you're living today.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. It's fucking tough as hell. There's nothing wrong with working for your whole life. It's arrogant to call employees sheeple or whatever.

If you're happy doing what you're doing, keep at it.

Ain't nothing wrong with plugging, unplugging or repeating any of them.