An Immature And Salty Thing To Say: "This Place Only Cares About Rich People"

Or this person only talks to rich people.

I fucking hate it when people say shit like this.

They blame the establishment, person or friend for only catering to the rich.

They make it seem like money is all that matters and that less wealthy people are left in the ditch.

Dude, any establishment would surely care about the bigger spenders because they bring in revenue. Any salesperson would naturally target a high net worth prospect because the incentive is there.

If you simply assume the rich are entitled assholes and that the people who want to do the work for them are money-chasing bootlickers, then you have a lot of growing up to do.

I have seen many friends and customers complain in this exact manner.

The bigger questions are:

. Why would anyone in the market care about you if you're not spending? Profit is on any boss's mind. Do you think your heart of gold and nice personality would uplift a business or one's sales?

. Why do you assume rich people are evil? What if said rich folks are your friends and you know they're great, self-made people? Would you feel it's wrong to cater to them then?

. Do you not see your salty and immature view reflects badly on you? Do you not see this effectively means poor people can also be really shitty?

. Do you know many rich folks are even nicer and more humble than you?

. Do you know that despite how poor you think you are, there is a way in to the world of the rich? Learn how to network. Learn soft skills. Learn the art of body language. Learn how to approach and talk people. Learn to be respectful. Just stop being a whiny little bitch. All of this will humble you.

Rant over.