10 Truths Everyone Should Accept In Life

Originally answered in Quora here:

1) Divorce is as real as gravity. It’s easy to view romance with idealistic lenses on and think you’ll have a happy ending, but that’s not true at all. Divorce can happen to any couple.

2) As you grow up, your friends and family members will pass on, some unexpectedly. Don’t be too surprised how young you are when you see them go.

3) Friends are seasonal. You’re naturally closer to friends by proximity e.g. your colleagues. As circumstances change, some friends will simply drift apart or even disappear altogether.

4) You’ll hence fall out with some friends you never thought you ever would.

5) Love is a free-flowing energy that comes and go on its own. Do not be surprised when it comes to you unexpectedly, yet do not be so hurt when it leaves suddenly.

6) Infidelity is very common. It is also a very layered topic. You shouldn’t be surprised anymore when you find out your friends or family cheat. Nobody is an angel.

7) In work or business, it’s not what you do. It’s who you know.

8) You’ll always hear stories of super healthy people getting cancer or dying suddenly. You’ll also hear stories of super unhealthy people living healthy lives. The best thing you can do for yourself is just make sensible, healthy decisions now and then and also to get yourself checked!

9) A 3-in-1 truth is: Yes, life is short and you ought to pursue your dreams and all that. But entrepreneurship isn’t all for everyone (because it’s fucking tough.) Hence, it’s really not a bad thing to be an employee.

10) Money is important.