Therapy Is Useless

With so many layers, nuances and subtleties when it comes to the intangible nature of mental health, I feel it needs to be said:

Therapy is useless.

Or rather, it can be useless.

It's always so easy to dish out, "Go fo therapy!" by rote. Why? Just because.

But maybe you can't afford it. Hell, you'd be paying an expensive price for a simple, get-to-know-each-other first session with your therapist. And then more because therapy is long-term.

Your therapist could not be someone you think competent too due to lack of empathy and you can't quantify this shit. If the human connection isn't there, then too bad.

For these reasons alone, I feel a conversation must be had. And you can start it vehemently by saying:

Therapy is useless.

It's simply not for everyone.

Accept that and realize there are many other (free) options out there to alleviate your mental health.

The gym.

Going for a walk.

Talking to your friends you trust more.

Travel to somewhere you never been to.

And so on.

Don't ever be afraid to deny something that is positive in mainstream media.