There's Also EQ In Texting

In face to face interactions, you can judge someone based on their body language, choice of words, politeness and overall attitude.

That's pretty normal when we talk about EQ (Emotional Quotient.)

Then we'd bitch about someone who has low EQ because they're super annoying and obnoxious in person.

But I think we forget about EQ in texting.

Smartphones are everywhere now. We text to communicate.

It grinds my gears when somebody:

. Texts me with shit grammar.

. doesn't start with a capital letter.

. Obviously only shows up when they need something.

. Low balls the shit out of whatever transaction is happening.

. Thinks we are stupid and that we don't know that they're already texting a bunch of people for the same favor cause they want to lowball.

. Doesn't bother to reply the minute they don't get what they want. Not even a thank you.

This lack of EQ means they don't respect my time. They just want to get their own shit for their own benefit.

And I think this carries over to the person's character, attitude and personality.

EQ in texting matters today. You can thank technology for that.

Want to stand out in person when you walk into the room? Learn proper EQ in texting.