Basic Shit

When I helped to fill up a friend's bar with customers, I didn't think much of it. I shrugged it off.

Because I only texted friends to come. It's basic shit.

Then I met friends who can't do the same because they feel they don't have many friends or are just too shy to.

Since I started writing online, I can say that I've written over 500 articles on my own.

I can confidently craft an article at any time in whatever topic today.

But I brush this off too. It's basic shit. The perils and pressure of making tons of money online, which I don't overshadowed my skills in writing.

Then I met people who feel they can't write for shit and really want to learn.

I once booked a big, VIP table for a friend and his bosses in the club I promote.

I went over, wanting to introduce myself. I told my friend, "Hey, introduce me to your boss."

He awkwardly shifted about and replied, "... Nah. Would be weird."

I am like, "Bro, don't make me stand here holding a drink like a complete stranger! Just introduce me to your boss and colleagues. It's easy. They know I work here, it's fine!"

It was basic shit. But he didn't get it.

I am a nice dude.

It's basic shit.

But there seem to be so many people out there with glowing resumes and fancy titles who are complete assholes. They work so hard that they forgot how to be nice or even have common sense.

Never belittle your basic shit.

They're actually mad skills in demand in the market and people are willing to pay for it.