You Don't Have To Make Mental Health Your Entire Personality

Personally, one of the things I dislike about the mental health or self-help industry is that it seems like everyone in it makes it their entire personality.

It’s literally all they talk about.

The struggles are the same and the solutions are the same band aids. The content is also the same shit.

Yeah, yeah that sounds judgey and dismissive, but I dare say all of this shit is not the most healthy.

When you make it your entire personality, it makes you seem inhuman. Because I am sure you are a lot more than your mental health.

For whatever struggles you have, perhaps the answer lies in living a life of chilling out, having fun and stupid random shit you laugh at after you put in some work. Just some. It's a magical sweet spot that can't be explained by a book or a random inspirational quote.

And you can absolutely move on and not talk about it anymore. Because you have moved on.

I like to drink, party and talk to pretty girls, all in moderation. It was how I learnt my street smarts and social skills. And that’s how I know I humbly appeal to dudes everywhere. That’s my way in to show how I grow yet lead a normal, happy life that’s pretty damn fun.

What is your personality? I am sure it has tons of interesting things you needn’t hold back on anymore. Who gives a fuck what others think?