Why I Don't Date Some Girls: Because They're A Ghost

There have been a couple of times in my life where friends would ask me why I wasn't interested in dating this particular girl, usually their friend.

They'd start to list down all the great qualities she supposedly has and that we would get along really well.

I would simply reply, "Because she's not even replying? And even when she does, the replies are absolute, shitty one-liners."

Let's face it.

In the age of smartphones and social media, texting or DM-ing is the intimate form of communication today.

It also literally proves to your friends and family that you still exist.

Unfortunately, with that said, people take it for granted and have tons of excuses to not reply a text.

If you can't even reply a simple text, who you are and what great qualities you have don't matter.

You're a ghost.

You don't exist.

How can anyone take you seriously then? Why would anyone want to date you? Or rather, how can someone even date you?

It boggles my mind then, why would anyone waste time kicking up a fuss or regale tales of accolades about someone when they just don't exist, at least for that current set of circumstances.

"Hey, why would you date her instead of her?"

... Because she bothers to reply my texts?

"But I heard she's a bitch."

... At least she actually exists and gives me her time?

"My friend is awesome and I really feel you two will get along."

... Then tell her to pick up her fucking phone!

All that being said, if you're complaining you can't meet a good person, maybe you should check first if you're actually showing up.